Dance like no one’s watching

March 8, 2012
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Dina Fanara

Assistant News Editor


Chair dancing is just for strippers?

Not anymore. Recently, much hype has been placed around dance lessons for women using props, such as poles, chairs or scarves.

Women are reclaiming these styles of dance, which have been most commonly seen only in gentleman’s clubs.

These days, women in university spend so much time on their studies in an attempt to become educated and powerful members of the white collar workforce that we often forget that we are also sexual creatures.

Women’s sexuality often gets shoved to the side behind their professional careers.

Chair dancing lessons give women a chance to reclaim their sexuality and own it in a safe space.

These classes are about much more than just learning some new moves to impress your partner.

They are meant to encourage the participants to explore their bodies through sensual movements that may seem inappropriate in other settings.

Students of these classes are taught how to dance sensually around the chair, using it as a balancing tool, and to sometimes even “pretend it’s your partner,” as the instructor of the special two-day Valentine’s Day chair dancing classes at McMaster last month said.

The most emphasis is placed on feeling comfortable in your own skin, and being able to put yourself out there and dance like nobody’s watching in a room where all of the other women are doing the same.

Students who participated in this class were also encouraged to bring a scarf to use as a prop, and were taught how to hold it and move it around to make the routine look even better.

While this style of dance is about empowerment, it is also an excellent workout.

I was shocked the day after I took my first class how sore my legs, butt and even my abs were from of the movements, which take careful balance from these areas.

Just like any other style of dance where you are asked to learn and repeat a set routine, these classes are tiring, but in the best way.

I left the classes always feeling like I had gotten a great cardio workout, and was always slightly exhausted in the end.

Though these classes aren’t on the Pulse’s regular rotation for fitness classes, it is possible to find them elsewhere off campus.

Chair or pole dancing classes aren’t offered by all fitness centres, but are more common in dance studios and fitness centres that cater specifically to women, though those may get a little expensive, as any off-campus dance class.

I would highly recommend this class to women of all body types as a way to boost your self-confidence.

Though some of the moves may seem silly or awkward at first, once you look around the room and see everyone else attempting to do the same thing, you will feel the need to go for it. Don’t be afraid to try your hardest, even if you don’t think you look sexy doing it.

The effort put in is what makes the routines look incredible.

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