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November 15, 2012
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By: Nashwa Khan


Community is a word that should never be undervalued, but it often appears that only a handful of people take the time to explore the city beyond our school.

Sure, it’s great that we have a campus that resembles Hogwarts and that we don't have to access public transit to cross campus (although you could take a bus from your class in HSL over to the student centre). Going to school at McMaster without trying to see beyond the Westdale, Boston Pizza or Hess Village excursions is truly a loss.

If you've seen those laundry bags hustled around by first-year students headed home this year with the tagline, “You Can Do Anything in Hamilton,” it's because there is a growing number of people from various backgrounds believing just that: you can, indeed, do anything in Hamilton.

Before another “voluntourism” trip to provide your time in a different community or a developing country, please consider keeping local (but still thinking global).

The student and permanent resident balance is truly remarkable in Hamilton, with events like Open Streets McMaster highlighting this balance. Events and other initiatives like this continue throughout the year. Venturing a bit from campus on the last Saturday of the month, you can find Red Door events at 1140 King St. East, put on as a joint initiative by various community partners.

If you enjoy making music and meeting fellow community members, this is a supportive environment where you can share your creativity with others. The night features many things, changing every month, with an open mic night being a key component in setting the event's ambience with all levels of experience welcome, even if you've never performed before. This sets the tone for a very accepting environment where students and permanent residents can mingle. Fair trade coffee and free wi-fi is offered at these events, making them great study spots if you’re looking for a low-key environment.

A little farther out into the community, an eclectic mix of storefronts and restaurants are at your disposal. Locke Street alone is enough to keep you occupied for a night, with small local restaurants providing fun and affordable meals. Restaurants like Earth to Table (Bread Bar) have a seasonal menu using predominantly local ingredients. Businesses such as this support us and our community, the economy and the environment. Keeping local and thinking global can be seen throughout Hamilton's small and upcoming businesses, like White Elephant on James Street, which carries locally made and up-cycled goods. Make Hamilton your “Homeilton;” don't just live as a temporary tenant.

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