Don't break down while breaking up

Brandon Meawasige
November 29, 2012
This article was published more than 2 years ago.
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The most beautiful and enriching experience in life is to be in love and enjoy a romantic relationship with another person. There is always someone there to support you and pick you up when you need it most. Maybe they keep you up at night or maybe they let you rest peacefully knowing they’re around. You are unique individuals that bring out the best in one another and nothing can come between the two of you. The world around you slows down when you are with them and not much else seems to matter. Finding yourself lost in such a labyrinth of intense emotions, one thing is impossible to fathom: the end.

Maybe you are perfect for one another, maybe you are soul mates, but most people entangled in such passion never stop to realize that maybe you are not. As good as things get, there is most often something better - a tough pill to swallow for an addict recovering from their affliction.

How could someone that knows I don’t like the crust on my PB & J sandwiches not be there to enjoy them with me? That person knows my quirks and all of my secrets. They know just what to say and when to say nothing at all. How on earth could I go on without such comfort and security?

The answer is simply that anything is possible. Whether it has been told to you directly or not, there is one saying that holds true despite being one of the most overused clichés in human history: good things come to an end so that better things can come together.

For some, hearing that is like salt in a wound. The magic spell that is love and everything it involves can be illogical. However, as any wise person will tell you, the first love is not the last.

The morning always comes after the night and someone will always be better for you than your high school sweetheart. There are outliers, to whom I applaud.

Of course, some people find the perfect person for them early and never let go. Those people are the most blessed. For the rest of us, though, things are not that easy.

It is impossible to truly love someone until you love yourself. Corny, I know, but there is plenty of validity to those words. Some people, like those I have just mentioned, grow together and it all just works. Others grow apart.

Falling for someone at one point in your life, with one set of circumstances, fails to account for the fact that our world, the people in it, and the way you feel, is constantly changing.

So in the case that you find yourself at the end of a relationship because the two of you have grown apart or simply because it is no longer working, you can do one of two things.

You can let it defeat you, or you can choose to see the brightness and possibility of the future.

No one should ever affect you in a way where you cannot function in his or her absence and no one should ever prevent you from growing as a person, for the sake of growing as a couple. If they do, letting go should be much easier.

It may seem hard at first, but remember that there is something even better and more perfect ready and waiting for you to stumble across.

No one likes goodbyes and no one likes the ending of a good story. But all stories have endings. And nothing is more important than being your own author when it comes to a love story, since you are the main character.

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