Fashion Month: Street style trends

William Lou
October 18, 2014
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By: Danielle Porano and Hayley Regis

Hayley: As anyone with Instagram might have noticed, we are just coming off of Fashion week. With things wrapping up in Paris, we thought we might touch on some of the coming trends in street style.

Danielle: While fashion month has sadly come to an end, New York, London, Milan, and Paris have been good to us on the runway, with so many beautiful shows that have already set the trends for Spring/Summer 2015 fashion (seriously, I am amazed at how many times designers can reinvent florals, it was an incredible season). While I adore and derive inspiration from runway shows, the constrictions of limited budgets, having to take the HSR and walk to school, and chilly fall days often make high fashion style inaccessible. Acknowledging the fact that runway trends can often be difficult to contextualize and work into our everyday wardrobes, street style trends can feel much more applicable to our regular university days.

Trend 1: Sweater and Skirts

D: London championed hundreds of pairings of sweaters and skirts in the chicest way possible. Echoed by my favourite way to style a skirt with a sweater, the fashion week attenders paired chunky cable knits with a-line skirts that cut a few inches above the knees. To carry this style into winter, add nylons, over the knee socks, and knee high boots. To keep it fresh, don’t tuck the sweater in (or perfect the half tuck).

H: I’m obsessed with the contrast between flowing feminine skirts and chunky knitwear, but one of my favourite looks this season was a fuzzy grey sweater paired with a bright skirt and sneakers. I like to layer up with tights in the winter and make up whatever leg heat I lose below by layering myself like a cozy student parfait up top.

Trend 2. All-Neutral Outfit

H: Another big thing this season was the all-neutral outfit. As I’m usually someone who aims to look like an extra from the Fresh Prince it’s hard for me to say this, but I am finding myself in love with the all-neutral look! I’ve been seeing and trying the kind of monochromatic look I’ve seen on bloggers and in style photos from London and Milan. Fashion week attendees have been rocking everything in the spectrum, from white on white, through jean on jean, all the way to all black (fondly referred to as “The Uniform”). Look through your wardrobe for black jeans or leggings to pair with black sweaters or t-shirts for super simple utilitarian vibes. If you don’t want to feel like Wednesday Addams, maybe punch up your outfit with a bright lip, some statement jewellery, or swap one of the black pieces out for a grey one. I like to rock that with sneakers, but as it starts to get colder I’m bringing my boots back out.

D: Let’s be honest here. There is nothing sleeker, cooler, and easier than an all-black get up. I personally found the varying warm shades of cream and grays as a welcoming beckoning to fall weather. While I love all neutral looks, I love to use them as a blank canvas for colourful accessories, like wearing all black with a red bag.

Trend 3: New Take on Sneakers, Over the Knee Boots, and Ankle Boots

D: No outfit is complete without the perfect shoes. More than an afterthought or accessory, shoes transform outfits from bland to fashion perfection easily. Fashion month revealed a plethora of sneakers, boots, and heels. For a fresh take on sneakers, put aside the inspiration of Adidas and Chanel runners, and try a slip on slide in plain black leather, plaid, or leopard print.

Boot season is my favourite thing about fall, especially because it comes without worries about shoe-destroying winter snow and ridiculously copious amounts of salt layering the sidewalk. So we can focus on what matters: colours, textures, and new styles. This fall, the women of fashion month were rocking over the knee boots and ankle boots in mostly neutrals or black. If you prefer boots without a heel, there are so many great options for those as well in the ankle or over knee height.

H: I like to keep my footwear short, so I go for sneakers and oxfords. Ankle boots are a must, so I’m looking forward to investing in a black pair for the coming winters. My advice is to always go for something you can wear seven days a week without feeling weird about it, and that can accommodate a cozy sock for days you wish you didn’t have to go outside.

Trend 4: Blanket Scarves

H: Now leave it to Burberry to basically pioneer a trend on its own, because really, if Christopher Bailey is doing something we probably should too. Inspired by the equestrian blankets worn by riders, Burberry gave us a final walk of models in matching monogrammed blanket shawls. These things are big, cozy, and exactly the kind of things a student needs to power through a last-minute cramming session in HSL. Too bad it’ll cost you over $1300 of your OSAP; actually, I guess it’s a good thing it’s sold out. Head out to places like H&M and Value Village to hunt for you own, or get your hands on one of those Aritzia blanket scarves as an alternative your wallets will thank you for.

D: Popularized by the Burberry runway and started streetwise by Olivia Palermo, blanket scarves are an outfit within themselves.  Buy them in a pop of colour or pattern and wear them over neutrals to draw focus to them and wear them as a cape or tie them as a regular scarf and have the coziest fall day ever.


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