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December 1, 2011
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Rachael Ramos

The Silhouette


It’s that time of the year again! It’s time for your company’s annual Christmas get together!

Most employees look forward to this event as it is a chance to relax and socialize with other co-employees, after a long year of hard work.

Although your company is generous enough to host a Christmas party, remember employee policies still apply.

This isn’t the time to get too drunk, ask out the co-worker you’ve been eyeing all year, or dress inappropriately.

Some individuals do need reminders on how to behave properly when mixing business with pleasure.

This is especially the case if you are a new employee or managing to try to put your best face forward at the holiday office party.

So here are a few office Christmas party-etiquette guidelines you may want to consider.

First question that comes to mind for many is ‘what to wear?’ Of course, you want to dress to impress!

This is a time to let loose a little, let your hair down, and jazz up your outfits from the usually casual business attire. Obviously rule is: don’t show too much skin or come “blinged out” like a Christmas tree.

Ladies, keep the cleavage to a minimum and refrain from skin-tight dresses. Also be festive! Get into the holiday mode by wearing something red or Christmas style accessories.

Remember this isn’t a clubbing event with your friends - it’s with your co-workers and bosses.

Company dress code still applies, so dress appropriately and according to company rules.

Depending on your company, alcohol may be involved in the party.

When it comes to alcohol all employers and employees should be aware of their safety. Make sure there are taxi services set up by your employer or even the venue to ensure everyone gets home safely.

An issue with some employees is they do not realize that taking advantage of the open bar and becoming overly intoxicated is a bad idea. Remember this is an office Christmas party. Key word: office.

You are still surrounded and being watched by your boss and other co-workers. You do buy viagra professional online not want to be known as the ‘office idiot.’ It is okay to have a few social drinks here and there, but know your limit.

Christmas parties are perfect events for socializing, as it allows you to become better acquainted with your fellow co-workers not only from your department but from other divisions of your company.

Don’t be the loner in the corner. Introduce yourself to new people and mingle with the crowd.

Remember when socializing with employers and other employees to ask questions and seem interested, this can put you on your boss’s good side.

Also keep vulgar language to a minimum and keep jokes clean.

Other tips to remember: dance and sing in moderation, don’t bring a guest unless it’s allowed, and last but not least remember to say thank you, not only to your employer but to the organizers of the party.

Foremost...the mistletoe rule need not apply at the office!

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