HCA Dance Theatre engages Hamilton in the performing arts

Joleen Awad
January 27, 2023
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The HCA Dance Theatre showcases and encourages the artistic side of the city

The Hamilton Conservatory of Arts (HCA) Dance Theatre provides a supportive space for artists, musicians and performers to show their work to the city. The HCA Dance Theatre’s mission is to showcase and add to the artistic side of the city with professional performances.  

Founded in 2001 by the HCA, the HCA Dance Theatre operates as a non-profit organization showcasing dance, music, theatre and visual arts performances. Some of their most successful shows include their classical music series which later grew into the Performing Arts Sunday Series.  


Vitek Wincza, the executive and artistic director of the theatre, was awarded the 2017 City of Hamilton Gallery of Distinction award for his efforts in helping the company reach its potential and status today. Wincza grew up in Poland but immigrated to Canada in 1982. He began living in Hamilton after performing here on tour as a professional dancer and realizing how engaged the city was with art.  

After moving to Hamilton, he operated his own dance school for a few years before purchasing the HCA Dance Theatre. 

With all the time he had on his hands during the COVID-19 pandemic, Wincza renovated the HCA building and added improvements such as better acoustics and lighting. With these additions, the place became more professionally developed, which helped the theatre put on more evolved performances and bring in more experienced artists. 

Wincza explained how the theatre is different from other performing centers in Hamilton. As a multi-arts operation where everyone of all ages can participate in the experiences, it sets the theatre apart from everything else in the city.  

Reception for the new and renovated theatre has been very positive, according to Wincza.  

“[People] love it . . . [They] have some form of inspiration and something to look forward [to] and experience that takes [them] away from the everyday work and problems,” he said.  

“[People] love it . . . [They] have some form of inspiration and something to look forward [to] and experience that takes [them] away from the everyday work and problems."

VITEK WINCZA, executive and artistic director of HCA Dance Theatre

Wincza explained how the theatre provides many opportunities for the community. For instance, it offers something different for folks to do during their free time as well as special programming for children. 

“It’s important to have this opportunity [of] gaining another choice of [how to] spend time after hours. And during the day as well, we do lots of programming for the school [to] experience the day at the Conservatory with the arts,” he stated. 

An exciting upcoming event is Valerie Tryon’s performance on Feb. 12. Tryon is a well-known and world-renowned respected pianist who has been working with HCA since its beginning.  

Tryon will be performing for Valentine’s Day. The music selection will include various artists such as Chopin and Liszt. Tickets will be $30 for general admission and $25 for students, seniors or artists.  

“[Tryon] is one of the best players in the world . . . The concert is romantic and [the music is] chosen specially for Valentine’s Day by [Tryon],” Wincza explained. 

From workshops to performances, the HCA Dance Theatre can be a great place to visit to learn more about the performing arts in the city and support local artists. 


  • Joleen Awad

    Joleen is in her third year of the Combined Honours PNB and English program. At the Sil, her goal is to get students excited about the underrated artistic side of Hamilton and McMaster by highlighting everything it has to offer. When not writing articles, Joleen loves to read, get food at Westdale with friends, or watch romantic comedy movies.

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