Joan Rivers changed my love life

Amanda Watkins
January 16, 2014
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You spend hours preparing. Styling your hair, choosing your outfit, practicing your laugh in front of the mirror. You finally walk into your date and, naturally, it’s a bust.

Your dinner companion seems boring, immature, and contorts their face into bizarre shapes with each mouthful of their vodka tonic. You look upon your date with a blank stare reflecting your chronic case of resting bitch face. Neither of you are having a good time, and you’re both well aware of it.

But fear not, dear reader. There is always hope.

Joan Rivers, style guru and plastic surgery muse, provides the world with a life altering dating tip. If you’re ever on a date and romance seems to be drifting into the vast unknown, imagine you’re kissing your date. Simple as that- just pretend that whenever you aren’t talking, or eating, or hating your life, the two of you are kissing. Don’t actually lean in though, that could seem desperate, or like sexual harassment. But the act of imagining will lighten your mood, create a sense of romance, and make you feel immensely more hopeful about your companion for the evening.

If you follow this tip, feel your body language dramatically change. You’ll lean in more, slow down your conversation, and avert your vision more to your date’s mouth. Feel in awe as your chronic bitch face turns into bedroom eyes, and suddenly what was once a hopeless and uncharismatic interaction between two people turns into a seductive and romantic evening that no one wants to end.

Reimaging your date will help create a lighter and more hopeful mood. The means may not guarantee a specific end, but it will definitely lift your spirits, and potentially help you notice more positive traits about your date.

And bonus, when you do finally lean in for your first kiss, the build up will create a spark so shocking, even Joan Rivers will feel it.



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