Jobbook: a godsend to students

October 18, 2011
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Jonathon Fairclough

Production Editor


Many students would agree that finding a job can be more than just a daunting task. With student unemployment at a pretty unfavourable mark, students and web-developers are looking for news ways to deliver employment to today’s student population.

Meet Jobbook: your one-stop shop for student-only employment. Released in late September, Jobbook helps university students and recent graduates connect with jobs, internships, and career resources with the promise of connecting and networking students with otherwise inaccessible job opportunities.

The best thing is it’s free.  No membership fees, no tedious paperwork to fill out; Jobbook only requires you to fill out your basic information, your education, and job experience.

Launched at over 50 university campuses across North America, Jobbook is rapidly gaining popularity among students and recent grads alike.

“By joining Jobbook you are saying that you have had enough of that which is already out there,” states Vice-President of University Relations at McGill University, Zach Newburgh. “We, the students, should have a voice and take a leading role at tackling unemployment.”

Jobbook anonymously matches individuals with jobs according to preference and reveals member identity only after individuals have chose to pursue an opportunity. The anonymity of Jobbook creates a unique feature appealing to a mass demographic.

In a time where it is so difficult for students to find jobs in and out of university, it’s a relief to see proactive students and developers come up with a website that directly supports young workers. Thank you Jobbook.

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