Keeping frosh intimacy fresh

Brandon Meawasige
August 9, 2012
This article was published more than 2 years ago.
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Welcome to Welcome Week. In just under a month, McMaster will kick off another school year with a week of orientation designed to introduce, in part, the experience offered here in Hamilton to droves of hormonal kids who aren’t in high school anymore, but have no idea what university is like - no matter how many times they have been to London with a fake ID.

It traditionally gets messy, and is known lovably around North America as “frosh week,” a term of endearment, truly. Livers have suffered, virginities have been won and lost, and reputations will last a lifetime.

When making your “mark” here at McMaster, try your hardest not to leave that mark too many places, or in second year CMST 20-whatevers. It could get a little awkward when you’re sitting in between them  for the midterms – know what I mean?

Be selective. There is lots to choose from – we are lucky to go to a school of many cultures, interests and it shows at any school event.

Do not go for anything and everything, try find something you like. By the same token, try not to like too many sets of roommates. Never turns out good for anyone.

Try to be age-conscious, as you don’t want to the gap in generations to come in between what could be a very fruitful physical relationship.

Throughout the year, the school will gladly provide you with guidance for physical and mental health. For now, though, good luck to you.

To some it will be about quantity, to some it will be about quality, but to everyone it will be a life-changing experience.

Always be smart, that’s what got you here. Enjoy.

It goes without saying, but play it safe, as you don’t want one-night stands going sour.


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