Meet a marauder: Maggie Cogger-Orr

Brandon Meawasige
October 4, 2012
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1. How have you guys handled the pressures of coming off of a CIS playoff season?

I think we've handled the pressures of coming off of a CIS season fairly well. We only have 13 returning players from last year's roster so its been a transition year but we're fortunate to have had a lot of rookies really step up in their starting positions for us.


2. How has your team responded to the injury issues?

Our team has responded to a multitude of injury issues by having some of our younger players step up and dil the gaps that have been left. We have a lot of players playing through injuries and committing their entire body to the program.


3. As a senior what is it like knowing that it could be your last season?

As a senior it’s an odd sense of finality that this could be my last year in maroon. It's cliché but it really does go by faster than you can imagine and I'd love to end my career here with another medal.


4. What music do you play before the game?

Team music before the game isn't really anything in particular, lots of country mixed in there though which is a nice change.


5. Who’s your team’s biggest rival?

I'd say our biggest rival in the past few years has been Queen's. The past two years the games were decided by only one point and we always get up for the Gaels because we comport for top spot in our division.


6. Where is the toughest place to play in the OUA?

Toughest place is probably Trent. The long drive there and the fact that kick off is 7pm on a Friday so they draw a big crowd always makes it a challenge


7. What do you guys need to work on?

We need to work on our team defence and working together as a unit to being physically dominant around the breakdown and in open play.


8. What have you been doing?

Our team has proven several times that we deal with pressure very well, we've been in some very close game and we are fortunate that we are a team that can keep our heads on and get the job done.

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