MSU Presidential Candidate Platform Overview: Jeffrey Xu

Edwin Thomas
January 24, 2023
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In his campaign Xu aims to improve Centro food, extend library hours and increase transparency within the MSU

Jeffrey Xu is a fourth-year honours life sciences student running for president of the McMaster Student Union.  

Xu has a platform that focuses on concerns that affect students’ daily lives. His key focuses are improving Centro food, extending library hours and increasing MSU transparency.  

He has had previous leadership experience as a peer tutor, teaching assistant and chess club president. 

Xu stated on Reddit that he is running on pro-labour and pro-union roots, citing his participation in the 2022 TA strike. He stated that he has a proven track record of advocating for students and will not be a representative for the university administration. 

His first platform point is to advocate for improved food options and quality on campus, with a focus on students' health. Xu stated that he would take necessary steps for change, including utilizing the media as a means for raising awareness about the issue. 

Secondly, Xu proposed to extend library hours to provide students with more time in the libraries during critical academic periods, particularly during exam season. 

Finally, Xu wants to improve transparency between the MSU and the student body, stating on McMaster’s subreddit that he will create monthly MSU Q&A sessions. Additionally, to address issues with efficiency in the MSU, Xu plans to streamline bureaucracy to eliminate unnecessary programs.  

Xu also aims to increase MSU club funding. 

A unique aspect of Xu’s campaign is that he has no campaign staff, instead opting to rely on the power of the student body to support his campaign. He also claimed in his platform that he will be spending less than $25 on his campaign. He stated that he does not believe in the use of excessive spending on paid advertisements and flyers, instead relying on the merit of his campaign's platform and ideas to gain support.  

Xu stated that he is motivated to run for office by a desire for change and a sense of civic duty. He acknowledged that he did not have a traditional background in politics but was willing to step forward to lead the community.  

Xu’s platforms can be found on his Instagram and Reddit campaign accounts.  

Voting for the MSU presidential election takes place from Jan. 24 to Jan. 26 using the Simply Voting platform and more information about the election can be found on the MSU elections website

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