New Year’s musical resolutions

December 3, 2015
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By: Emily Scherzinger


Are You Alone? - Majical Cloudz

Best Song: “Downtown”

Soft, deep, and sweeping music for walking through rainstorms during existential crises. Prepare for tears to be washed away by rain.

Venue/Date: Toronto, The Garrison on January 15, 2016.






Coming Home - Leon Bridges

Best Song: “Coming Home”

If you’ve ever listened to 1960s blues and liked it, now is your chance to see someone actually perform it — Bridges has the sound of a modern day Otis Redding.

Venue/Date: Toronto, Massey Hall on March 10, 2016






Emotion - Carly Rae Jepsen

Best Song: “All That”

She’s known for that annoying song, “Call Me Maybe,” but her latest album, Emotion, takes us back to the best part of the 80s — the sweet pop that makes you feel like you just ate a huge bag of candy on a summer day.

Venue/Date: Hamilton, FirstOntario Centre on April 16, 2016.

Disclaimer: She’s touring with Hedley, which is less than stellar, but it’s worth going to see her and then leaving when Hedley takes the stage.





Emotional Mugger - Ty Segall

Best Song: “Goodbye Bread”

Best described as super weird garage rock, but Segall is so much more than that. You need to listen to his music while lying alone in a snow bank drunk after kissing the person you’re just starting to have feelings for. Trust me.

Venue/Date: Toronto, Danforth Music Hall on March 4, 2016.






Thank Your Lucky Stars - Beach House

Best Song: “Elegy to the Void”

Beach House may usually be the perfect music to listen to during the dreaded descent into Canadian winter, but their latest album is a lot more accessible for all emotional states. It sounds like something you’d make in your parents’ basement and nostalgically listen to five years later.

Venue/Date: Toronto, Danforth Music Hall on March 5, 2016.





Photo Credit: Sela Dor

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