Oktoberfest beer reviews, genau!

October 3, 2013
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Hacker-Pschore’s Munich Gold

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4/5 stars

This light lager is a crowd pleaser even among non-beer drinkers. It’s apple-y aroma makes it a smooth transition for those of you who have yet to stray from the cider. Smooth and light, you cant’t go wrong with a Hacker.


3/5 stars

This light draft has a mild fizz and goes down relatively easy. We unanimously decided it had a bit of a “stinky foot-ish” scent. But overall, it went down smooth despite the fizz and foot.


DAB: Dortmunder Export

2/5 stars

With a dark yellow colour, this beer is reminiscent of an unhealthy urine sample. Its strong smell and grainy texture made it less enjoyable than most. But a weak aftertaste could make a purchase worthwhile.



3/5 stars

Aside from having adorable packaging, this beer’s thick texture and molasses-y flavour made it go down like a smooth cappuccino. It smells a bit like soy sauce and leaves a strong aftertaste, but the sweet and unique flavour make it worth a try.


Schneider Weisse’s Original

3/5 stars

This wheat beer has a herbal, woodsy taste and a generous bottle size. Its pungent scent and sour aftertaste were obvious drawbacks.

Although a cinnammon taste made it rather delicious.


Hofbrau Munchen Original

2/5 stars

With a skunky smell and murky brown colour, this malty brew made for an unpleasant drink.

But on the plus side, it’s toasty flavour and bubbly vibe would make it perfect for a cold autumn night.

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