Platonic pal, is it possible?

October 27, 2011
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Lauren Jewett 

The Silhouette


We spend a great deal of our lives trying to understand the opposite sex. We overanalyze words and text messages, turning to our friends (of the same sex) for advice. We’ve become so accustomed to “bros before hoes” (or vice-versa) that we are overlooking what could be the most important friendships we have.

So what if after getting to know someone there isn’t any chemistry? Don’t be so quick to kick these people to the curb. You may have just uncovered the beauty that is the platonic relationship.

Most people realize strong friendships after they help each other through a tough problem. The guy-girl friendship is no different. Good advice and objective insight into a situation knows no gender, so your friend selection need not discriminate between genders.

For girls, going to other woman for advice about men can often leave one more confused. Girls have a tendency to say what they think someone wants to hear. This type of advice can lead you down a bad path towards someone who is totally wrong for you.

If you take that problem to a guy friend, not only will you get objective advice, but they may also have a better understanding of what is going on and won’t be afraid to tell the truth.

Guys should be doing the same. If confused about the actions of a lady, why ask your male friends? Do you really think they know anymore about women than you do, gentlemen? A girl may not deliver the news bluntly, but they will help you decode messages and stop you from making rookie mistakes.

The female friend is a guy’s best untapped resource for meeting new girls. Not only will she be able to introduce you to new prospects, but will be able to go home and tell all her friends how great you are.

Being away at university often means missing out on family time. Having a friend at school of the opposite gender often can take the place of a close relationship with a sibling from home.

Of my own top five “best” friends, two are men. Both of these guys posses characteristics of my older brother at home, who isn’t at Mac to give me the level-headed advice I often need.

Why do close friends of the opposite sex have to be so taboo? There are many who look from the outside-in on these friendships and assume there is something romantic going on.

Friendships don’t work when one has feelings for the other, so why are some so suspicious?

The male-female friendship often gets the most criticism when one friend gets into a romantic relationship with someone else.

Intense feelings of jealousy can arise on the girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s part simply because they can’t understand the closeness and companionship between the two.

This is certainly a bros-before-hoes situation (or bros before other bros?). You should never give up a long-time friendship for a fleeting romantic one, regardless of gender.

There are so many opportunities now for genders to mix. We have girls in Boy Scouts, co-ed sports, unisex clothing, boys shopping at Lululemon and girls going fishing.

The only place to find segregation these days is in the bathroom. This is a movement that should be widely accepted by everyone.Don’t be too quick to dismiss people you aren’t physically attracted to. There is more to the opposite sex than what they can offer you in the bedroom.

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