Police looking for suspects in TwelvEighty stabbing

November 3, 2011
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Kacper Niburski

Assistant News Editor


Halloween had more than its share of frights, bumps, and bruises this year.

On Oct. 29, at a Halloween event hosted by TwelvEighty, three men, two of which sustained knife wounds to their chests while the other suffered facial injuries, were rushed to hospital. A fourth may have also been stabbed, but has yet to seek medical assistance.

At approximately 2:30 a.m., police were called to investigate a disturbance outside the campus bar by McMaster campus security who were first to respond to the event.

Due to the influx of students convening at the bar, the campus security required assistance by Hamilton Police.

Sergeant Terri-Lynn Collings, Media Relations for Hamilton Police Service, noted that most of the investigation is still ongoing, and a variety of details are still not known.

She went so far to call the event a “disturbance” as opposed to a “stabbing.”

“We do not currently know how the three individuals sustained their injuries simply because the three victims, all of which went to hospitals, are somewhat uncooperative with the investigation,” said Collings.

When asked whether there has been any movement in their co-operation with the police investigation, Sergeant Collings said, “No. I have not received any further information.”

She did add, though, that they “were not from Hamilton. They were from out of town.”

Andrea Farquhar, director of Public and Government Relations for McMaster University mirrored this information.

“They were not McMaster students,” she said.

Farquhar added that the University will also conduct its own investigation, a procedure common to all security measures.

As an establishment, TwelvEighty is not known for being a hub of conflict.

Throughout the years, few altercations have been noted other than a few isolated cases of poorly coordinated dance moves and equally misplaced fist pumps.

As such, the stabbing event stands as an anomaly to the McMaster campus.

Farquhar stressed this in an interview.

“There are times where non-McMaster students come on campus and cause problems.” She said.

Farquhar added, “I wouldn’t call it an issue.”

While the details of the altercation are still unclear, Sergeant Collings stressed that the investigation will be ongoing.

“As a police service, we recognize that there maybe people who have witnessed the event who, at the time, did not feel comfortable reporting it to the police.”

Collings continued, “If there is anyone who has any information and has not spoken to the police yet, then they should definitely give us a call.”

Needless to say, the police can be reached at all times and any advice would certainly be appreciated.

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