[REVIEW] Robert Plant - Lullaby and...The Ceaseless Roar

William Lou
September 21, 2014
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By: Adrian Valentine

The title says it all. Robert Plant, once the lead vocalist of Led Zeppelin, introduces a very melancholic lullaby-like melodic structure and mixes it with a psychedelic rhythm that borrows from EDM, all the while bringing it together with folk riffs spread throughout to create a very unique roar. A lot to take in for sure, but the album is imbued with Plant’s experience.

Plant is no amateur, with decades of experience under his belt, and he does not disappoint with his latest solo endeavour. Plant’s lengthy career is evident in his latest offering, as there isn’t a single errant note. Considering the myriad of different sounds he is experimenting with, he does a masterful job of bringing it all together into a wonderful harmony, like a meal brought together with foreign foods that surprisingly satisfies one’s appetite.

The album drops its sombre mood and picks back up at a whim. “Poor Howard” highlights the album’s occasional playful nature in the way that it has Plant’s vocals playing against his music while the single, “Rainbow”, is as upbeat as it gets. The latter exhibits a sort of hopeful sadness, being a song about the perseverance of love with beautiful lyrics over a bittersweet instrumental ensemble.

The final track, “Arbaden”, brings back the vocal melody of the original track in an entirely different instrumental light. The music changes to have a more, slightly overpowering, psychedelic trance without the Celtic folk influence, leaving the listener in a state of odd restlessness. This restlessness in turn provokes them to listen to the first track again in hopes of bringing back some sense of clarity in the mist Arbaden leaves.

Lullaby and…The Ceaseless Roar is very progressive and the result of an experienced musician playing around with new styles. The result is wonderful and I definitely recommend picking it up to experience this new age harmony brought to us by an old classic. If you’re a fan of classic rock, EDM, psychedelic beats, or even Celtic folk music then this album is for you.


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