Sex and the Steel City: Confessions of a single girl

October 17, 2013
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Jennifer Bacher
The Silhouette

Sometimes I worry I will be the Ted Mosby of my friends, completely and utterly single. Hoping that sometime, somewhere, the right guy will show up. Or maybe like Bridget Jones, sitting alone in my room, drinking wine and eating chocolate. It’s not like I don’t try. I’ve gone and done the bar scene and I’ve been to parties, but it just never works out. And that’s mostly my fault. The truth is I’m just too picky.

This seemed to help me a lot. I noticed an effect after about 2 weeks of use. Indian pharmacy! Each of them has been approved by Indian FDA and also certified internationally.

Most of the time I can tell when a guy is flirting, and usually within those first few minutes I’ve already decided if I’m interested. I judge him on the way he is standing, his voice, his hair, and his clothing. And every single time, I find any excuse to say no. I don’t mean to do it and I really don’t know why I do it. I tell everyone else that I’m not picky at all. Friends will ask me, “What’s your type? I know a great guy that I think you’ll like.” I just say I don’t have a type, describe him, and of course I say no thanks, continuing on my merry single life. Why is it that I do not want to be single, and yet I’m continuously giving myself reasons to be?

There are other reasons why I am constantly finding myself clinically single, actually there are many reasons, and I could probably write a whole article on all the reasons why I’m single, but mostly it would be that I have no more excuses to give my hairdresser and family friends as to why exactly I’m single. I’m starting to worry that they think I’m some crazy swinger that doesn’t like to be in an emotionally invested relationship.

Also, why is it that the friends (but mostly my parents' friends) that you don’t see as often as you use to, feel the need to ask if you have a boyfriend (or are seeing anyone)? Does it really have to come up every single time they see you? It just reminds me over and over again how tragically single I am. I feel like I’m missing some particular piece of the metaphorical relationship puzzle. Where the hell is everyone meeting their boyfriend? Is there a secret building at McMaster I have yet to find? Honestly, I thought university was the place to meet people. A friend of mine came here to do her Masters and after two months had a boyfriend. I have been here three years, and nothing!

So, before this year is done, I pledge to go on at least one date, to not judge when meeting eligible single guys, and to no longer spend my nights watching a Twilight saga marathon while eating chocolate.

Here is to Mr. Right, wherever he may be.

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