Six Nations has an interesting lacrosse team 

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Want to watch lacrosse? Check out the Six Nations Chiefs!  

The Six Nations Chiefs, a lacrosse team based between Brantford and Caledonia on the Six Nations Indigenous reserve, is a part of the major series lacrosse league based in southern Ontario.  

The league features four teams; the Cobourg Kodiaks, the Brooklin Lacrosse Club, the Peterborough Lakers, and the Chiefs. The Chiefs had a fantastic year, leading the standings by the end of the regular season with a record of six wins, three losses and one tie.  

Despite the strong regular season, the Chiefs were unable to clinch the championship victory, as their second place counterpart, the Lakers, ended up winning the last game of the year, taking the title. The Lakers had a regular season record of five wins, five losses and zero ties, but thrived in the playoffs with a record of six wins and four losses. The Chiefs held the same playoff record, but lost the games that mattered most unfortunately.  

In the finals the Chiefs played six games against the Lakers, winning games two and five, but losing games one, three, four and six. The championship game took place on Aug. 28 in Peterborough.  

Through the regular season the Chiefs were good for 9.3 goals per game on average, but still held a goal differential of negative three. Their leader in goals and points was Austin Staats, who was in his second year with the team. He totalled 22 goals and 38 points on the year. Staats would also account for three game winning goals - the same total as the rest of his teammates combined. 

Staats’ only point leader competition came from Cody Jamieson, the only other player to finish with more than 30 points. Jamieson would finish with 34 points while also leading the team in assists with 22.  

A major missing factor for the team this season seemed to be Lyle Thompson, who scored seven goals in only three games played. Interestingly, two of his seven goals came as power play goals.  

A major missing factor for the team this season seemed to be Lyle Thompson, who scored seven goals in only three games played. Interestingly, two of his seven goals came as power play goals.  

It is not clear why Thompson was unable to play the entirety of the year.  

Goalie Doug Jamieson also deserves significant credit for his performance on the year, maintaining a save percentage of nearly 80 per cent. He only allowed 66 goals in 326 attempts. In comparison, backup goalie Warren Hill kept a less impressive save percentage of 57 per cent, while playing just over half as many minutes as Jamieson.  

A potential reason for success on the year was the rare requirement of call-up players. The team only had one game played with a call-up, which featured Mason Hill. The regulars were always on the field for the Chiefs.  

The next priority for the club following the completion of the regular season and the playoff runs is the 2023 draft. It appears that Owen Sound and Oakville will be making a return to the league, based on the draft order. The Chiefs will have the sixth overall pick in all five rounds, excluding the third round. The Brooklin Lacrosse Club owns the rights to that pick.  


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