SRA general election campaigns begin

Sam Colbert
March 6, 2013
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Campaigns to be on next year's Student Representative Assembly of the McMaster Students Union began Wednesday morning. Out of nine academic divisions, six will have elections, with candidates for Business, Kinesiology and Nursing winning seats by acclamation. In the contested divisions, 49 candidates will compete for a total of 25 seats. Business and Kinesiology still have one seat each for which no one is running.

Campaigning runs from March 6 at 9 a.m. to March 14 at 5 p.m. Online voting will run during the final three days of campaigning. Students can vote only for the election in their own academic division.

The one-year term on the Assembly for successful candidates will begin on April 7, the meeting at which the SRA will elect next year's MSU vice presidents.

The candidates listed are below.

Arts & Science (1 seat):
Pullen, Naomi
Sproule, Alexandra

Business (3 seats):
Cicchi, Gabriel *acclaimed
Long, Jimmy *acclaimed

Engineering (6 seats):
Abdelrahman, Salah
Candemir, Melike
Chennabathni, Vikas
D'Mello, Ethan
Karami, Marjan
Mackinnon, Jonathan
Mobayed, Saeed
Tichenkov, Andrei
Van Nood, Adam
Yendt, Rory

Health Science (2 seats):
Ge, Yipeng
Harper, Chris
Jayasingham, Gabriel
Klugsberg, Jacob

Humanities (4 seats):
Al-Amad, Ahmad
Ali, Krystina
Gunderman Smith, Rick
Leslie, Tiffany
Loewig, Hans
Milani, Elise
Porano, Daniella
Wolwowicz, Jason

Kinesiology (2 seats):
Collins, Stuart *acclaimed

Nursing (1 seat):
Palczewski, Kornelia *acclaimed

Science (7 seats):
Abbas, Anser
Amiri, Sasha
Brodka, Jacob
Daniel, Maria
Fahey, Dan
Garasia, Sophiya
Guarna, Giuliana
Morrow, Aaron
Narro Perez, Rodrigo
Rajabali, Mozafer
Rheaume, Alan
Singh Grewal, Jora
Sri Satgunarajah, Sugenja
Tuppal, Tejus

Social Science (5 seats):
D'Angela, Daniel
Dicenzo, Kristine
Gillis, Eric
Godin, Chantal
Grover, Chad
Karim, Naajiyah
Kazmi, Sabeen
Ogbaselassie, Rahwa
Paul, Tristan
Sparrow, Ryan
Watts, Devon

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