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November 14, 2013
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Jason Woo
The Silhouette

One morning, as I pulled off my blankets and placed my feet on the ground, I reflexed and kneed myself in the face. That’s how cold and unforgiving the floor was. That is also how I knew it was November.

November marks the beginning of the annual “Dark Age”, in which it looks like it’s 2 a.m. outside when it’s actually 6 p.m. Do not fret though, as this is also the time to pull out your oh-so-comfortable, huggable, and everything in between sweaters.

Since they’re so amazing, here’s a list of different types of sweaters you can own so you can be comfortable everyday without wearing the same garment.


1)   The Classic Hoodie: This is so ubiquitous that I don’t really need to explain why it is awesome. Instead, I will say that a customized hoodie with a club name or favourite musician is a handy topic for conversation with strangers and acquaintances.

Where to find them: Pretty much any clothing store


2)   The Winter Cardigan: November is also the time you pack away your thin fall cardigans, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop sporting cardigans all together! Knitted cardigans are warm, fashionable, and can double as a miniature blanket.

Where overnight viagra to find them: Zara, H&M and the like


3)   The Christmas Sweater: Thanks to Macklemore, you cannot really find a tacky Christmas sweater at a thrift shop anymore, but this does not mean you shouldn’t look for one! Winter’s here to stay, so embrace it with your sweater and remind yourself (and everyone around you) that Christmas is just around the corner.

Where to find them: Thrift Shops, Urban Outfitters, Sears, tna


4)   The V-neck Sweater: November is the time to layer and this nifty garment lets you do just that. Paired with a dress shirt, a regular shirt, or just going solo, this sweater works for a variety of occasions. P.S. a sweater vest also serves the same purpose.

Where to find them: Banana Republic, Club Monaco, J. Crew


5)    The Turtleneck: One of the oldest types of sweaters known to man, this has truly stood the test of time. A true multipurpose sweater, it can be used in casual, business, and even sporty occasions as long as they are paired properly.

Where to find them: Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, Roots

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