Top 10 Study Places at McMaster University

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As we move away from Zoom lectures and Teams calls, taking examinations back on campus can suddenly begin to feel daunting. No matter how many exams you have taken at IWC, nothing can prepare you for the learning curve that is returning to in-person testing.

One way to ease this anxiety is by prepping as best as you can and picking a good study space. Whether that is dead silent or full of white noise, we’ve got you covered with all the best study spots on campus.

1. 6th Floor Mills: This spot offers complete silence and tranquility for those moments you crave pure focus. It is also a hidden gem, so it is easy to find a spot to sit at, even one with a window for a beautiful view of campus.

2. LR Wilson Lobby: This spot provides the white noise that many need to get into the zone. It is ideal for studying with friends or for a quick cram session after class. With vending machines and a coffeemaker within arms-reach, you are truly set up for success at LR Wilson.

3. MDCL Atrium: The atrium provides a sanctuary for those that thrive among nature. The floor to ceiling windows and quiet sound of the waterfall makes it easy to relax as you study for your upcoming test–no matter what the weather is outside.

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