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February 7, 2013
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Nichole Fanara / Silhouette Staff

The results speak for themselves: popular Mr. Campbell has made it to the top of the MSU ladder. And although his issues are legitimate enough to win him such a prestigious title and his focus is presumably appropriately placed, I wonder if he will take any platform points from his fellow candidates.

After all, they do speak for the “rest” of the masses, the popular “unpopular” vote that had enough support to be said, but not enough to win.

What I love about election time is that so many issues with the establishment of the MSU come out in the open for debate and discussion.

Once a question is asked, there is nowhere for a candidate to hide but behind his words. And even then, those catch phrases and buzzwords tell a lot about a character and a story.

The wonderful thing is that suddenly the candidates are all accountable for the issues that come up for discussion.

There is one specific point that I would like to see implemented into MSU policy and that comes from Rory Yendt, the budding engineer.

I think all the candidates have legitimate platform points worth a second glance from our new president but one of Rory’s seems exceptionally important to the financial happiness of the student body. That would be his point called Ancillary Fee Referendum.

Rory Yendt discussed the very plausible idea that students could have more freedom of choice when paying supplementary fees.

Every four years, the student body would have the opportunity to vote on everything under the supplementary fee list.

This would foster a culture of understanding amongst students who do not truly know what it is they are paying for through the supplementary fees listed on tuition bills.

Such vague titles such as “Athletic Fees” do not help students understand where exactly their money is going and what good it is contributing to the McMaster community.

Through this voting system, an explanation of every fee would allow students to choose to pay for things that are relevant versus fees that no longer benefit the student body.

If athletes or clubs such as the Marching Band are receiving funds from students, then this would be a perfect opportunity for them to showcase what it is they have done with these funds since and to explain why we should continue to pay.

I don’t believe that all of our supplementary fees are useless but I do think that students should get a choice more often than they currently do as to what they want to pay for.

Perhaps this would be a good opportunity for the MSU itself to check in on where these funds are going and to make sure they are legitimate and being used for the right reasons.

Finally, there should always be open communication between the students and those in charge of the fees students pay for. This way, there is no secrecy as to where our hard-earned money is going.

If we are going to pay for something without the option of opting out, then it must be clear as to why - plain and simple.

It must be relevant and it must be deserved.

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