Winging it

Brandon Meawasige
September 20, 2012
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Most people would do anything for their friends. Most people's friends would do anything for them. That’s why at one point or another, boy or girl, we have all either been or needed a wingman in some way. Some may claim to need no such assistance, and that’s fine, but there is no shame in being a wingman. In fact, there is plenty to be said for bringing along a trusted partner in crime whenever your goal is to meet someone new.

There is a good deal of merit to the wingman strategy. First, there is always strength in numbers. Attractive single people are usually not just strolling around alone waiting for you to come and save the day, so having a friend to talk to their friend(s) can never be a bad thing.

Second, even the best journalists need quotes to back up their work. It is always good to talk about your accomplishments and what qualities you've been blessed with, but if there is someone there who has some authority on reporting the details of your life, all the more credibility is added to your self-synopsis.

The ideal wingman is fearless, creative and well-spoken. A journey into the wild animal kingdom that is the dating sphere is difficult enough. If your "back-up" is a deer in the headlights, no one is going to benefit.

Also, by this time in a person’s life, they have heard a good deal of lines. If your wingman is lacking in creative spark, you two may just end up shooting the breeze over some Heinekens.

That being said, "my friend thinks you’re pretty" is not ok. No matter how you say it.

Chemistry is the most important factor in designating a wingman.

You may have met (insert name here) in res this year and they are your new closest friend. But if you know very little about one another, it becomes challenging to pull off the type of like-minded synchronization that comes from years of shared experiences in revelry and adventure.

The trust developed over time as friends is imperative to a good tag team. The wingman sometimes has to be deceitful and misleading in order to obtain certain goals. There is no way that you are going to pull off things like changed names, backgrounds or bio's if your Scotty Pippin isn't on the same page.

With great power comes great responsibility. If you are so lucky as to be a wingman for a friend, it is because they consider you to be someone that helps their chances at success (whatever the given goal may be). Do not let them down. When you need a wingman next, they will be there for you.




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