Winter is coming, dress appropriately

William Lou
November 20, 2014
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I’ll be the first to admit I absolutely loathe winter. Yes, I’m aware that I’m the worst Canadian around, and no, I don’t like snow (with the exception of the very small window from December 24 to 25).

The only good things about winter, in my humble Canadian-born-and-bred mind, are the luxurious accessories that come along with the dreaded season — which I imagine is what frozen hell is like. Those big knitted scarves and slouchy toques almost make winter bearable — almost.


I am of the opinion that scarves can create or change an entire outfit. This opinion is not unfounded, according to Burberry’s 2014 F/W runway show, which featured glorious blanket scarves worn in every possible way. This show, along with a handful of fashion-savvy New Yorkers, has since created the wonderful trend that has taken fall and winter fashion by storm.

This season is all about massive scarves. The bigger they are, the better they are — which is excellent news for us Canadians on a mission to strike a balance between style and warmth. These wearable blankets masquerade as super chic scarves, fulfilling all our winter dreams in one beautiful super-sized piece of fabric.


This new blanket scarf trend compliments your winter coat, and most importantly functions as an extra-warm knit to snuggle in during your valiant fight against the biting cold. Rich jewel tones, plaid, and knitted scarves are all fantastic buys that can take your outfit from boring to fabulous in a single wrap. Play with textures, colours, and patterns to create a unique look with minimal effort and have a successful winter morning.

Remember, a super soft pashmina in a solid colour never really goes out of style, and can be worn throughout winter as a warm and vibrant addition to your wardrobe. The blanket scarf is growing stronger as people everywhere are realizing what a luxury this is. Designers like Burberry are making this look high-fashion and celebrities like Olivia Palermo are also championing this look. These scarves can be draped over your shoulders or worn like a poncho, depending on the style.


Beanies can be found anywhere and everywhere and getting different patterns or colours can make an outfit stand out. Plus, you don’t have to take it off when you get inside. There are a lot of things that are terrible about winter, a lot of things. Even though the season generally makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry, I take comfort in the fact that it’s socially acceptable to wear a large blanket as a scarf or a big beanie on my head. Yes, winter is coming, but with it the opportunity to look stylish in hats and scarves.


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