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January 15, 2015
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By: Mitali Chaudhary

Nothing makes winter worse, besides the cold and slush, than the dry skin that insists on making an appearance every cold season. Caused by a tag team effort between the heating that keeps us toasty and the long, hot showers that combat the chill after a long day, our poor skin ends up being completely wicked of moisture, leaving the rough flakiness that we all know and hate. So what can you do to combat this?

1) Invest in a good moisturizer

The best way to fix and further prevent dry skin is to let it heal by locking moisture inside using a non-petroleum based thick cream, which will still let the skin breathe. This is a better option over fragrant lotions that are often more watery and need to be reapplied many times. A good option is Nivea’s original cold cream, which sells for around $5.50. Smoothing on some cream after every shower will ensure that the dry flakes stay away.

2) Don’t take hour-long showers

Contrary to what it may seem, immersing yourself in hot water for long periods of time does not add to the moisture in the skin, but instead leaches it out. Water is further depleted when you dry yourself afterwards, leading to skin that is much rougher than what it started out as. To make it worse, the natural oils within the layers that keep it moisturized are swept away, too. So although you might be reveling in the heat of the moment, your skin will thank you later if you cut both the temperature and time of your shower.

3) Drink lots of water, and more

To replace the loss of moisture due to the harsh weather, drink plenty of water. It’s a simple, straightforward solution made easier if you keep a reusable bottle of water on your person so that you are tempted to sip every time you see it.

4) Make good use of nature’s gifts

Applying coconut, olive, or avocado oil to the skin naturally nourishes and heals the dermis and quickly eliminates the flaky effects of dryness. In addition, supplements that contain omega-3s, such as fish oil, are thought to help with the skin’s moisture regulation. Both are all-natural and soothing to the body.

By: Haley Regis

My skin doesn't really get dry in the winter, but the constant temperature changes and bitter wind does a number on the lips of me and my friends so I did a bit of digging to find the balms that best get us through the coming storm.

1) Burts Bees:

This stuff is everywhere and they've branched into coloured balms as well as other skincare options. My opinion? Stick to the original formula in either the stick or pot format and keep it in your coat pocket for lip emergencies.

2) Eos:

even if the name doesn't sound familiar the quirky round shape should jog your memory. Talk about product placement, this stuff has been popping up in music videos all summer. Not to play into the hype but this stuff is great and definitely going to be a lifesaver this winter. Harder to keep in your pocket sure, but super easy to find when you're digging around in your backpack (going by my usual mental state during exams, this is a major bonus).

3) Vaseline:

student on a budget but not into the above? There’s a reason it's in every medicine cabinet you've ever seen. Think of it like winter boots for your mouth. Buy one of those tiny tubs from the travel section if you just want to try it, but seriously. Trust.

Best part? You can grab them all at the Shopper's across from campus!


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