Zest it up with Zumba

February 16, 2012
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Dina Fanara

Assistant News Editor


After trying countless fitness and dance classes, as well as working out alone in the gym surrounded by muscle men, I’ve found an excellent fitness class which combines my love of dance while also providing me with an excellent workout.

Zumba is a fast-paced dance fitness classes that is typically led by one instructor, whose moves the participants are meant to follow.

It is an excellent combination between aerobics and basic dance, with a Latin-style influence.

The music is typically fast-paced, popular music, mostly Top 40 in the classes offered at the Pulse fitness centre at McMaster, but with some Latin music tossed in as well. While the music gets everyone excited, so does the high energy level of the instructor.

While the dance moves may feel silly and awkward to newcomers at the beginning of class, once the pace quickens and the class progresses, I could feel the benefits of the specific moves that we were doing.

While fun and silly, the workouts are also designed to tone muscle, improve balance, as well as core strength.

The instructor keeps the class constantly moving for about 40 minutes, which leaves participants feeling both exhausted and re-energized all at once. One thing that really encouraged me to stick with this class was the fact that all of the participants, with the exception of maybe one or two in the group of thirty to forty, are female.

This allows the class to be catered towards the needs of females in terms of physical activity, and creates an empowering atmosphere for women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, sexual orientation or what have you. Everyone is accepted into the class equally, regardless of these factors – men are always welcome into the class as well.

These classes are designed for people of all physical fitness and experience levels with Zumba, and no prior knowledge or practice is required of those who wish to participate in this class. The routines are always rotating as well, which allows the participants to remain on the same level.

I find that participating in this class leaves me feeling so healthy, and leaves many muscles feeling slightly sore the next day, as they should after a good workout.

I’ve only been able to take classes offered through the Pulse fitness centre at McMaster, but I’m very pleased with the results.

For those who have a membership at the Pulse, these classes are free – who can argue with that? Zumba classes through external dance or fitness studios can get quite expensive, just as any similar classes may be.

I would highly recommend Zumba classes to anyone, male or female, of any fitness level or age.

There is a place for everyone in this style of fitness class.

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